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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Valentine's day Wreath

Is done! OMG it is totally not what i had intended to do with the heart wreaths since I got this heart garland on sale a few weeks ago. I got inspired by this sequin fabric i had brought years ago (circa pre 2004??) but never used it b/c the glue used to attach the sequins messed up your sewing machine unless you want to clean the needle every few inches. So i never wanted to actually sew with it! but I thought it would be awesome to attach it to the wreaths it might be cool. i cut strips and grabbed my hot glue gun. After getting hot glue all over my fingers (it means i'm doing it right!) they were complete! I sat and looked at them and thought what else I should do with them but I just couldn't get myself to add anything to them and I didn't know what i wanted to add even if i did. I just thought it would be too cheesy. The picture does not do it justice b/c they sparkle. LOL I love things that sparkle! Tacked a hook on the back to hang up and it is now the decor on my front door! Someone better not steal it!

Ok off to finish another project but tonight I need to go to bed early tonight.
I'm exhausted, maybe from all the thinking i have done in addition to the crappy sleep i got last night. So early bed time for me tonight, I need to have my A game tomorrow. I get trained on the new confocal tomorrow. I am going to need every brain cell tomorrow.

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