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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lion PJs

It has been a really busy November/December. I wrote a review that sucked up pretty much all of my time. It was very reference heavy and I finished in the nick of time. And it was submitted, like right before Christmas submitted. So I worked my normal work schedule and then it was write, write, write. I then have taken time off to decompress and well frankly, clean up my place and spend time with my boyfriend. I have not sewn in forever, my machine has been highly neglected. Now that the end of the year is almost hear, I get slightly dizzy with everything.  But I made it through Christmas, we did simple food and I just sat around and did nothing It was fabulous!

I realize that the past several weeks, this blog has been neglected. Sorry but not sorry. I try to schedule but I also told myself years ago that  I would never put my blog before family or work. This was something to be for fun and also something to showcase the sewing, refashioning, and crafts. Also, a good way to me to document in case (or will) forget. So what I am trying to say is I put my life first and blog behind that.

I finally just painted my fingernails, in getting fancy for New Years (which no idea what we are doing but will just probably involve football) and I have to sit down and not move. Really hard for me to do, but on the brightside- I can sit and write for the blog. :) In more good news, I dusted off my sewing machine and did some sewing! Yeah!!

I actually had this project done for a bit but I never scheduled this post. I have this cute cotton flannel covered with lions that was just enough to make a PJ set. When I got an issue of Simply Sewing magazine and when I saw this pattern that came with this magazine, I knew this was the pattern! It looks pretty simple!

I cut a size small b/c I felt this was going to be big. So this was a unique pattern in the fact I had to add inches in the middle of the shorts leg pattern. I cut a few inches (like maybe 2-3) less then what was recommended since I only had so much fabric. There is no front or back with this shorts pattern. For my non-sewing friends, usually pants and sorts have a rise in the paper pattern in order to cover your bum. So need more bum coverage than others but usually it curves up. This pattern is just straight across-it is a simple easy pattern.

I flew threw sewing the shorts. Ahh. I love easy shorts. Next I did the shirt, pretty easy. Instead of using ribbon, I used bias tape, since I had it on hand. And the little bit I had was enough to make just the right sized straps. That was pure luck!

Super quick sew! Done! I love my new PJs! The top fits just right and doesn't expose too much. It sits weird on the hanger but there is only elastic in the back part of the top. So it does pull.
If you got this issue of the magazine, I would recommend this pattern. This could be easily sewn up in a weekend day. And they are super comfy! :)

Here's to more blog posts soon! :)


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Doctor T Designs said...

The fabric is super cute!


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