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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Oklahoma Church dress refashion, #26

When I got this dress on my tiny break, thrifting with my mom. When I got home, of course the first thing I do is try all my goodies on. When I put on this dress the only terms that come to mind was Oklahoma Church dress. No idea why. And yes the cat had to make his appearance.

However, what is not appropriate for church is the buttons only go so far. Um No! Not wearing this to church!

Now the iron craft challenge is trend: nautical, floral, radiant orchid, or geometric. This one hits 2 of these categories- floral and radiant orchid!! Yeah. So we had a bunch of buttons (24 after I removed them), some loops with a tie in the back, and no zippers. I removed the buttons and the ties. I decided to turn the dress backwards to wear and use the old button placket for me to put in a zipper. I also pulled open the seams and removed the loops- closed it back up. And added some bust darts. Then we dyed it with RIT dye Violet.
Um not what I expected with color but I like it. And it is radiant orchid. I also created a new neckline. Cut the dress in half- removed the middle section and then reattached the middle section. Add zipper. Finish all edges with bias tape. Done! And I finished it in time! (I'm out of town). Hurried up and took some end shots....

Added a belt to mix it up. :) 

All I need is a good iron but no time!

Yeah this picture the zipper is crooked... no idea why. It is not. Being in a hurry isn't always the best. 

Recap, the before and after. :) Much better!


Sonja Sheffield said...

Looks great!!

Sarah Liz said...

Yes, I wouldn't wear it either - but I love version 2!

playsculptlive said...

Wow! You're good at this!

Desarae said...

Cute! I love the end result of the color. :) Great save.


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