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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The sequin dress to bra top, refashion #27

Next refashion I am slightly ashamed to admit I have. This dress I have had in my closet for an easy 7 years. Yes people you heard it. It got it on clearance back when it was the weddings adventure, meaning when all my family and friends were getting married. And I was constantly traveling and in need of dresses.

NEVER wore it! For some reason when I put it on it was sort of bleh. It just didn't work for my body. I think it was the high waist with the bodice. Yes the tag was still on ... BTW it was actually even less, the red writing  says $88 but it was $53 but then I got another 40% off. When I had gone to the cashier the dress at the store was slightly less than $20. Not bad for a dress originally $180! So yeah I was always a bargain shopper. 

Seeing the fact I have never worn it in over 7 years and the fact that closet real estate is at its premium here in the city, I decided that either I refashion it or it has to go. That's when it hit me one night on pinterest looking at clothing, which I do almost every night to get refashion and sewing inspiration. I kept seeing all those low arm hole and backless tops and I think I am too old to not wear a bra but I really like some of these tops, I need some sort of under-top before I wear some of these tops. And my sequin dress aha moment arrived- turn the top into an under top for some of these cute shirts! DING!

First I VERY CAREFULLY unpicked the hem with my seam ripper the top from the bottom of the dress. Also pulled the zipper off too.
Took off the tag.
Then I used black lightweight fusible interfacing to stabilize my new band. I delicately ironed it on.

I pinned the bands together and sewed across. Now its time to convert it to a bra with some bra hooks. FYI finding bra hooks when I first started this project was impossible. I wanted to have a black hook/eye bra kit on the back but it was impossible to find in ANY store here. They had white. They had bra extenders but neither of these items was going to help me. I wanted black. Sigh. I searched and searched the internet and on the verge of giving up I stumbled upon Sewing and craft Club, a store that was based in the US (b/c the other items I found where UK or Australia). They had white, black, and nude in multiple sizes. I bought all 3 colors in all their sizes. Oh yeah. I am not dealing with this again. Plus I didn't know the size I needed for this project. The 1.5 inch bra repair kit (that is what they call it in order to get both sides for a bra). I then attached it to my new top. FYI check before you sew! I had my hooks completely backwards. It was my weekend brain puzzle-putting hooks and eyes on a bra top. LOL. Done!

Unfortunately since it has been really cold here, any sort of summer tops I would wear this with are still packed away. And I am an not taking a pic on as is... So right now you will get a hanger

The back. It has a slight, smidge stretch. But I also have 3 eye sets to adjust. I will still wear something underneath. for a just in case 

Overall I am super happy with this refashion and now finally this dress will get some use.
I have saved the skirt and I am hoping to turn it into something. I am thinking a drapey top. Which I then might be able to wear with this top, which would be super awesome! Let's see. :)



Lyric said...

Hello Lauren:

I visited your blog, and as you are a sister MAGAM sewist I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award . . . http://sewcroandquilt.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/liebster-award-nomination/



Tami Lee said...

That is a great idea! I like that it would be possible to make the side bands wider than a regular bra-for those of us that have too much skin around the sides ;)


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