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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 (in blog) Review

Wow another year has gone by! Just wow! It amazes me. Looking back I feel like I worked a lot and didn't spend a lot of time doing crafts and sewing. I wanted to sew more. That didn't really happen.

I will say that while I did not sew as much as I wanted to, I DID get rid of a lot of things. I did a lot of refashioning last year (see 99 refashion challenge) and I had a lot of clothes. Too much clothes, so I have been on a purge and then purged again. And then during my Christmas break, I purged yet again more things. It is so freeing to not have so much stuff. According to my boyfriend, I can get rid of more. But hey, baby steps.

Let's recap my post from the beginning of this year (and laugh), all of my comments are in RED

 For this year, I want to continue to get rid and use the stuff I have. Also a LOT of sewing. I really want to get this fabric stash of mine down. Also this is a blog about sewing ;) Well I think we all know how this turned out... I didn't sew very much and the stash did not decrease- it increased! Sigh... Craftsy had a sale, blah!

1. Continue the RTW Fast
I enjoyed it so much this year that I want to continue. And well frankly, I just don't spend that much time shopping anymore. It is not that hard of a stretch.
Nope! This ended when I needed something for an event and fast. I could have sewed but with little time this did not happen. I opted to purchase some nice things, like sweaters and pants. I just can't make those, and I live really close to Ann Taylor Loft and when they have sales, just wow. So I broke

2. Make 1 thing from each sewing book. I am bringing this back from last year. And if I don't use them, it is time to part. NOPE>>>>>>> Nothing. I don't even want to talk about it. :(

  1. Burda Style Sewing Handbook
  2. Thrifty Style
  3. 49 Sensational Skirts
  4. Generation T
  5. Custom Couture
  6. Pattern Magic 
  7. Pattern Magic 2
  8. Pattern Magic Stretch Fabric
  9. Drape Drape 1
  10. Drape Drape 2
  11. Drape Drape 3
  12. Little Green Dresses
3. Pattern Review.com, again bringing this back from last year. I really should get my reviews online.
This is almost comical, the answer is no.

4. Sew through my scraps, make for charity. Goal for charity is 300!!!!! Yes, setting those sights high. But in all honesty, a quick sew bib, counts as 1. I am aiming for bibs, dolls, dresses, shoes, and maybe stuffed animals. And really, that adds up fast. Bibs themselves add up fast. And I purchased a bolt of fusible fleece last year in hoping I would have more spare time but I did not.
Well I got halfway... 150! Wahoo. That is impressive. So impressive, I needed another bolt. I haven't used all of it, but I got another one. Yay! I will award myself 0.5 points.

5. Sew through my fabric.  Get it down to 1 suitcase. For reals! I have been saying this for a long time but then I got that Groupon to G Street Fabrics and discovered their discount wall. OMG it is heaven. But I got cool fabric. I was doing so well until that groupon and an insane fabric sale at Hancock Fabrics. Who can pass up wool that cost normall $27/yard for 2.97? Seriously!!!!! also decided to not put a number on it but I will still keep track. And I am still a member of MGAM (make a garment a month). So minimally I should make 12 things for myself. That is easy and less stressful.
Um no, I have more. But I will give myself 0.5 because I did sew 12 things for myself.

6. Sew something for my boyfriend. I have always wanted to try out a men's pattern. It is worth a try. He is always whining complaining talking about how I never try sewing for him. 
Boom! Yes! I have not blogged about it yet but I have sewn 2 things for him now. I have made him 2 simple mens tshirts that actually fit his really broad shoulders. The first one was a muslin. The second one I just finished and it is fabulous. He was so happy. +1 point for me!

7. That darn T-shirt quilt of mine!!!! It is no longer an option... it is a must! Bonus if I sew one of my quilt patterns I purchased with a gift card I was given...
well I have sewed the blocks together and began the back. I have not finished it yet b/c I am a big chicken. I big, fat chicken. only 0.5 points to me, at least I got some sort of nerve to finish it. The quilt is HUGE, quite like a beast.

8. Finish 1 craft kit, most likely the irises latch hook.
Yeah nope. 

7. Get rid of 1 the bling/sewing stuff boxes. I have boxes of hem tape, hem lace, bias tape, piping. Not to mention all those beads and sequins.
Oh yeah, I got rid of more than 1! It was like 3-4, I forget. But I had to since I um, err had more fabric. Sad. But +1 point for me.

8. Get the coverstitcher to work and behave. So far I have not been successful.
Big fat chicken over here. I have no idea why that machine scares me. I tried to find someone to pay for their time and have not been successful.

9. Read another book for fun. But also read 3 science books.
+1 Boom done!

10. Sewing goals: shorts, pants, coat, pintucking, shirring, circle attachment, try and use all of my sewing feet. I am still putting together this list.
nope, nope, nope, nope.

11. Get my Refashions down to 1 bag. I decided last minute to stop putting numbers to my sewing and just roll with it- the biggest thing I need to do  again with everything I have in my current stash- doable.
nope, I actually inherited some cool things.

12. Make it through 1 round of T25.That is 10 weeks of cardio madness.
I have almost finished alpha so 0.5 points to me.

13. Finish going through all of my bellydance DVDs. I am sort of embarrassed I didn't finish this last year. Where did the time go?
yeah no but in all fairness I am not dancing.

14. Try something new and different. Anything! I may be strong enough for trapeze soon. Thank you aerial yoga!
This girl got on a Segway for a tour and DID NOT HURT HERSELF. It was sort of crazy but then I was a natural on it. I would love one but I have stairs so that will not work! +1 points!

15. Complete my sewing videos I purchased on craftsy. Again, it is going with the theme of using what I have. (Just finished 1 of them- wow totally fabulous!!). There is a total of 18! Eek!!
I have done 4 now. Not even half.

 So let's round up my total.... I have 6.5 points out of 15, actually that was not that depressing. 43.3% completed! Yeah! I am actually surprised that it is that high in # because I was really sort of depressed about everything I did (not) sew.

 I will say that I did support more independent pattern makers and I have more patterns from small businesses and not something I can buy from Hancock Fabrics. I have found they fit better and I don't play the guessing game with the Big 4 pattern makers.

I actually sewed 48 things this year, some for me and some for others. I did 12 refashions  total. Still impressive. If only I didn't take in more things! Sigh.

Look for post next year (har har har) on what my goals will be for 2016.

Have a safe and happy New Years!

Best Wishes,

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Stars Threads said...

Wow! 48 things sewn is very impressive! I only managed 17 things last year! I plan on a lot more this year though.


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