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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 63 : Purple sequin bow dress inspired by pinterest

Today is a good one! OMG I love this dress! I know many people are addicted to Pinterest like me. I love it and I usually pin before I sleep. I found this really cute dress, that I realized I could copy it as any easy refashion. It is from a store called Red Velvet and no longer available.

Take this sad mom dress, found for $0.99 at Goodwill.

I used the following pattern to make it smaller b/c I knew the this was going to take a lot of work. I had just enough of the fabric to follow the pattern. But without the sleeves

I saved the bias trim on the dress to reuse it again for the dress.

Next I have learned from previous refashions that I need to add some stabilizer interface for this dress or it will sag. I ironed on some.

Next I sketched out with a pen how I wanted to make the bow. I used Clover's white gel based pen that simply irons away! I love this pen!

I had some gold sequin on a string in my stash and decided I was going to use 2 rows of it for thickness. So sew, sew, sew!! :) Actually I attempted to sew got angry and then decided to glue the trim on. No need to raise my blood pressure with the stress I am already dealing with.... I glued in small pieces and would let it dry and then go to the next part of the bow. Really, once I had the design it was pretty simple to glue.

After I was done gluing I pulled off the stabilizer. I cut off the last sequins on the ends of the strings and made sure it looked good. Now I need to finish the armholes and neckline. I had originally saved all of the bias trim from the dress but I did not have enough. Surprisingly the neckline was bigger than on the original dress. So I purchased the closest purple I could match to the dress and sewed it on the neckline and armholes. Oh yeah and don't forget to hem! Done!

Here is the end dress! Love it!

Actually this pattern was awesome! I cut a 12 (remember sewing sizes are different than sizes in the stores) and did not need to alter anything. I will plan on using this pattern for other projects b/c it fit well (I see a glitter slinky dress in my future with this pattern!).  Besides the differences in color, I think it was a great copy cat dress! Yay! For more of my 90 days of blogging click here.



Katie said...

That looks so good! Really similar!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thanks Katie!

Anonymous said...

This is so good, Lauren! It looks a lot like the original. I think you will get a lot of wear out of it!

La La Lauren!!! said...

thank you! i have already worn it to a baby shower! :) I love it!


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