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Monday, May 19, 2014

Bow dress refashion, #38

Another refashion for iron craft... the challenge was B. My B= bow. Let's start off with this bow dress. I thought it was darling but on, it seemed as if there were too many design ideas and none of them worked all together...

I mean but look at those stripes.... And I LOVE the bow. But I don't like straps with it and also the eyelet lace on the bottom on the dress.

Darn! That eyelet lace is SERGED on! To save myself time and frustration, I simply cut off the lace.

Next, off came the straps. Dress is instantly better. But I felt as if there needed a transition between the bodice and the skirt. I connected the straps to make like a belt. Sew down. I had just enough fabric for the straps. JUST enough. I also had to retack the bow down as removing the straps caused the bow to come somewhat loose. I then closed the holes where the straps were located. Dress is done!
Done!!! Dress is simpler and simply better. :) 

I actually wore it out recently to dinner with my hair and makeup all nicely done... and I completely did not take any photos. Grr. I got a lot of compliments on the dress.


The Renegade Seamstress said...

Oh yes, much better Lauren! The new dress looks great on you.

Lovely Light said...

Really cute.


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