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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lady Skater Dress in tribal tophat knit fabric

Last year I purchased a set of patterns from pattern parcel. I am trying to support more indie designers. The first parcel had some awesome patterns! It has taken me long to actually get to sewing.

But one day while going through my knit fabric (that I got from G Street fabrics with a Groupon) I saw this tribal knit fabric and thought, BOOM, made the lady skater dress! I call this the top hat as the longer I stared at the fabric there looked like there was a man with a top hat on....

So I picked pattern #1, the lady skater by Kitschy Coo. The fabric was thin so I had to double up on thickness, both top and bottom. I opted for 3/4 length sleeves.

This pattern was easy to cut and easy to sew. The pictures in the tutorial was a bit hard to follow and I thought it could be better drawn out for clarity. If you are a beginner sewer you might get confused. The only thing I did not do was add the clear elastic- I did not have any on hand. I did add tricot ribbon at the shoulders to assist with the drooping from the weight. I did not add length but it is made for 5'5" and I am 5'8". I actually like where it falls, I think it compliments my height well. Too long of skirts on me, don't work with my dimensions. Here is one photo of me cutting the skirt. Everything again is doubled because the fabric is thin. The only thing that is not double are the sleeves.

Here is my new dress! It fits like a glove and I got exactly what the picture showed.

OMG I want to make more of these!!! I am already searching for other knits in my stash. I might make the cap sleeve version next. I highly recommend this pattern! This will be my MGAM for February. Wahoo!!! I love sewing easy dresses. This dress is super easy to sew.



Jenny said...

Looks great! I got this parcel as well and the skater dress is on my to do list.

Tami Lee said...

I keep looking at them and want to try one, but I've attempted knits once and it wasn't pretty :(

It looks fantastic-I think it hits you perfectly on the leg. It has a nice line.

Linda said...

Very nice fitting dress.

Annie Case Hanks said...

I love the skater dress -- comfy yet stylish! The knit you choose is gorgeous -- well done.



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