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Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Julia cardigan, this time in a fun purple and green knit

I love the Julia cardigan, it is just so fabulous. If you read my blog I have previously made 3 julia cardigans... from the pattern parcel

two for my mom

and the grey stripes knit for me.

I actually gave away my grey one but I wanted one where I could have some fun print like the one I made my mom. I found this purple and green semi-knit (it feels like a knit but barely stretches, this on courtesy of the fabric hoarder I bought her stash years ago). I had to get crafty with placement and I just had enough fabric for this cardigan. There was parts that were missing the ink, holes, and writing on it. But I made it work.

Being too lazy to change my outfit much when I was taking photos, I put it over a tank top that I had on while taking my after photos.
I love the pattern. I am probably going to have to fix the sleeves, I messed up somewhere

But I am a happy girl :)
This cardigan is seriously so much fun! I have already worn it a bunch!



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