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Monday, April 18, 2016

Ann Klein Paisley dress refashion

Refashion time! I know I have not been refashioning like I used to but I have been trying to focus on sewing up my stash of fabric than refashioning. I am managing to get some in here and there. :)

Behold, we had a semi-decently fitting dress. It is Ann Klein with a fun red/pink paisley print. The probably was the length of the dress and the length of the sleeves.
This sleeve length was not meant for my abnormally long arms....

I need to just fix the lengths of everything and be done. Right?? Well I got the sleeves fixed. Then I worked on the hem. My thought was cut it down some, then maybe turn it from a circle to more of an A-line skirt. And this is where the mistake happened....
Hmm. Darn it! I got my numbers mixed up with how many inches I needed to cut off. And I cut off too much.. I tried to save it the best I could. Its more of a peplum top than anything. I did slim down some of the sides. Here is the new top

I mean it has pockets. But you have to watch with the pocket they want to stick out.

It is wearable but not what I wanted to do with it. I really envisioned a shirtdress in the end. But overall this works. Here is the before and after.



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