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Monday, March 17, 2014

Sleeve detox, refashion #20

ack! I really liked this top and tried to wear as is but I just hated the sleeves. I mean seriously? Who thought this would be a good idea?

But I really liked this purple color. So time for some sleeve detox. Took off the bottom fluff.... Finished the new sleeves with bias tape. Done! Easy Peasy!

They work. That is what matters.

Without all my hair in the way. I know problems of long hair people.

Not that I can wear it right now. And I just went straight to my summer/spring storage. But I will have a new shirt ready and waiting for me.



Nakisha said...

I like the bell sleeves BUT love the 'after' much, much more! Nicely done!!

Sarah Liz said...

Great improvement :)

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! Yes, I thought the bell sleeve would work. But really it did not!


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