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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sewing for Charity: Bundles of Love

Now many of you may (or may not know) one of my goals this year was to sew more items for charity. I am trying to get rid of my huge fabric stash (and make my boyfriend happy) and I don't want to sew everything for myself. One of the first projects I decided to tackle first was for Bundles of Love. They are a charity organization that gives needy mothers in Minnesota a diaper bag filled with goodies for each child when they leave the hospital. They started out as a little church group but wow took over Minnesota! They are absolutely inspiring and amazing. Please go and check them out! They do offer some patterns for babies online.

Here is my box of goodies I sent them!!! The box is pretty big and I filled it up to the top! Here is what was included in the box!

Yes I know! A lot of things I made out of my own stash! I was so excited to send everything out. :)

Now this summer I am going to actually change the organization I am sewing for to.... Dress a Girl around the World!!! I have a lot of fabric that I would probably never use for myself but would make great little girls dresses! Not to mention I just received a donation of bias tape trim and now I can sew until my heart is content! Wahoo!!! 

I would love love love to sew about 50 dresses this year. I probably have enough fabric to do so since it doesn't take much. I would be incredibly excited if I could do so! So keep your fingers crossed. And maybe with the scraps I could make more bibs. We will see what happens! 


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Penny-Rose said...

Oh Lauren, what a lovely kind thing to do.


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