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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Men's polo shirt Refashion #2

Ok here is my 2nd men's polo shirt refashion.

I had what I wanted to do in mind from seeing this shirt on modcloth!

I put it on my dress form to take it in...

To make the peter pan collar I found it on burda.com and it was free.

Cut out 2 different pieces of the white fabric with some leftover fabric I had.

Sew leaving a gap so I can turn it right-side out. Clip it since it is curvy and it will help ease the fabric for the curved collar.

Turn inside out. So its the right way!

I cut off the collar on the polo shirt and then found the center.

I found the center of the collar and pinned the shirt to the collar. Sew it down.

I created a casing for the sleeves and added elastic. It ruffled with the elastic and it looked more feminine with the shirt.

Lastly I hemmed the bottom.

To create the bow I have been messing around. I tried to do tan but it was too bulky. So far I have opted for the cream ribbon I used in my lace shirt.

The end product. I call it charm school cool. I also feel somewhat french for no apparent reason. I threw on my button skirt for the heck of it but I am going to play with more bottoms.

Can we say "Oui!"



Michelle said...

it is fun how it sort of ruffled the sleeves! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

leedove said...

Honestly, if I’ve seen the dress first, it wouldn’t have cross my mind that it was a polo shirt before. Girls wearing guy’s shirt is common now, but yours is an art. This is a good way to reuse your dad or big brother’s old shirt. A great way to save money, too!

Lee Dove

Madeleine Macy said...

Its looks like a fancy and attractive t-shirts and i want know more about it.. Mens Polo


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