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Monday, July 15, 2013

IC '13 France-abstract eiffel tower shirt

After a 1 month hiatus from Iron Craft (family came into town and then just haven't got back into crafting a bit-I have just let things run on my blog. I have been so busy with work, spare time is hard to come by!). But I'm back. This theme is France. After thinking I thought I would give this spray paint a try.

This is what I needed- i chose an Eiffel tower from clip art and printed it out. Then I grabbed some freezer paper. I am ready to go! Nothing says France than the Eiffel Tower!

I placed the image behind the freezer paper so I could trace it. 


Cut! FYI it is easier to cut the flat parts then the accents. 

next my shirt. I decided to pick my pink striped shirt.

Find the center

Iron (the glossy side is down on the fabric BTW)

Pulled the plug, went outside, and covered up the area. 

Eek! sprayed too much. 

And it spread. Well soot! I have to come up with a plan to save this 

So I immediately threw it in water to get everything to spread more. Let's make it abstract. 

Ok so I got it to spread but I still need something to do with it

Grabbed a paint pen and drew the tower

Hey that didn't turn out half bad. Nice save for a mistake! 

Don't know if I will make the next iron craft. Life is very busy and hectic. I miss my sewing machine. But such is life.
But yay for abstract eiffel tower!


1 comment:

Just Crafty Enough said...

Wow, for fabric paint that really spread! Great save though. Hope your schedule brings you back to use soon.


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