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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another white button down shirt

Nothing really exciting here--- just a white button down... snore...

I did not like the shinniness of the shirt so I thought I would try out RIT Dye in lemon yellow

My goal was to dye everything but the shiny stuff and get a 2 toned top. But that is not what I got!... oops! I lost the picture! Basically it was a bright and I mean BRIGHT yellow top! Too bright for me to wear near my face- it just does not work with my coloring. It looked like this

Tho on my shirt the ribbon accents were yellow. Everything was yellow. OMG so much yellow. I tried adding things to maybe change it up but it just didn't work. I needed to change the color or give the top away b/c it would just sit in my closet. So when I was doing my peacock top, I used the rest of the dye bath from the blue RIT dye.  I thought it would turn it green and I could work with green.

Well here is the green I got. Actually the entire result made me say ... WHAT??????? Did not expect this!

The shirt is a light army grey green and the ribbons dyed blue!!! Here is up close!

Now I am happy with the outcome. If I had tried to plan it this way, it would have not worked out like this. Love the surprises!



Sonja said...

That turned out super cute!!!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! If I had planned it, it would not have worked out!


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