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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ahoy #2- a pencil skirt

These were another pair of pants that were $1. I bought them the same time I bought the other sailor-ish pants that I turned into shorts (click here for more information)

When I initially tried them on they were big and didn't sit right. I gave up and washed them. When I washed them, they sort of shrunk and then I took the picture ... They were much bigger prior to washing I promise!

But these pants still sit sort of odd. Can't salvage them as pants. Plus those gold buttons as pants just don't work. But this would make a great pencil skirt!

So off I went to convert pants to a skirt. Super easy of course, just had to get past the BIAS TAPE SEAMS... I just opted to cut them off. No need to make my life complicated. Then I took my seam ripper and pulled out the inner leg seams. Actually, I ripped them off like the Hulk opening up a bag of potato chips.

Poof, open. Flatten them out and sew out the J shape of the inseam. Cut off the bottom. Hem.

Done. But wait, 2 of the gold button tab front jumped ship. This of course meant finding where they decided to hide in my apartment (yeah that took awhile!). I sewed them back on.

Yeah! Yay for new skirt!

 I just love this skirt! Just way too cute!

Here is the recap!

These pants just work better as a skirt! 



Lovenicky said...

Those buttons on the skirt somehow look better than when they were on the pants. Great job with the transformation!

Helena A. said...

Hi Lauren!
Is good to see you back to the refashions, because you are so creative!!!
I am in love with this navy skirt and shorts you made! I want to do this!!!
Heading to the thrift store to find trousers to do the same!!!
Kisses from Portugal!


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