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Sunday, February 3, 2013

My embarassing craft closet

So here it is... my embarassing craft closet. It is just a closet. Here is everything. Maybe by putting this embarassing mess out there I will be inspired to create and clean this up and be able to brag about it.... Well its worth a shot. So here we go...

Hi my name is Lauren and I have a lot of craft stuff. I have 4 suitcases of fabric. Mixed with 3 boxes of beads and sequins... (and i think a hidden box of cartwright sequins somewhere).

I have a pile of refashions. A bag of yarn, stuffed. a bag of working fabric. box of bellydance fringe and patterns. a 3 tier drawer of patterns. 

several bags where i have cut pieces of fabric for a pattern but just haven't sewn it together yet (I did that before the move and then things got crazy). I got my latch hook on my "list". Plus you also see my summer wadrobe and some of my suits. 

Yes it is bad but I know I am not the only person out there. Oh yeah not pictured: I have a shelf stuffed with more patterns and I have a craft box under my bed. OMG I have a problem. Hopefully this year I can fix it!


Lisa @ OneRedShoeBlog said...

How brave you are to toss this out to the world! Haha!

Perhaps you need to make a goal for yourself somehow- one item from this suitcase every month or something. Or make an enormous quilt. :P

Or mail it all to me! :)

La La Lauren!!! said...

Lisa, you would need a moving truck it would be impossible to mail. I slimmed everything down last year I want to keep doing it again. And why I also sew for charity to get it out of my house. I work every weekend on a project, I don't know if it is going to be enough! We will see! So since I have over achiever syndrome every now and then, if I put the messy closet out and let everyone know I am bound and determined to finish slimming all the projects up and clean up the closet.
Weird fail safe method huh??

Lovely Light said...

I feel you. When I moved across the world, I had to majorly assess what I could bring with me in you shipping container. I managed to justify everything- "what if they don't have scrap-booking stores there?"


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