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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wool skirt makeover

Found this Eddie Bauer skirt for $0.99 but it was a tad too long for my taste (it kind of looked like a tent) and a tad too big. I decided I wanted to cut it off and do something with it. Perfect for this cool weather we are experiencing!

First I cut off the length. Don't know if you can see my markings too.

I then used the bottom portion to make tiers. I cut off the seams on both sides and started to cut it in various sizes. I began to lay them out on the skirt one piece at a time (which I hemmed the bottom before doing- sorry meant to mention that!)

Next I wanted to make them taper going to the waist so I pulled out my big rotary cutting edge.

And slowly I began to make my marks with my purple fabric marker.

I then cut off the excess and I was ready to sew!

I did one layer at a time sewing starting at the bottom.

Done! I was very happy with the outcome. I opted to not take it in b/c it was not much and also it would have been very difficult with the lining underneath. I actually like wearing skirts on my hips so I just left it. too bad the zipper was not sewn in properly (same on you Eddie Bauer, I know the person who bought this skirt probably paid a lot more money than I did!)

After wearing it I realized I should try to take it in some. I also realized that jacket makes me look a little poofy in the mid-section. I'm really not poofy. Maybe I should lay off wearing too many shirts underneath. It is all good, I have joined the gym here and rehab-ing my knee since my insurance refuses to pay for more physical therapy!

And I thought I was totally being innovative but someone already beat to a similar refashion! Check out sewing dork where she did the similar thing. We went about things a little bit different but came with similar end results! how cool is that!



Anonymous said...

I like your skirt - much better than the original! Were you tempted to turn the material for the pleats around so the plaid was in a different direction?

La La Lauren!!! said...

@charityshopchic actually I was not b/c I was solely motivated to not have to re-sew the hem! When the bottom part of the skirt came off I wanted to keep it the way it was! :) Thanks for commenting!

Unknown said...

Very Cute! Those boots look great with the skirt. :)

Unknown said...

Great job...and awesome deal! Yay for a 99 cent skirt! So glad you linked up at Shine On Fridays! Hope to see you again this weekend.


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