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Monday, August 17, 2015

Pants to skinny jeans

This week switching up to a refashion. Do you see a sort of trend? I always need more pants and prepping for future colder weather, I wanted more skinny jeans. But I don't like some skinny jeans from the stores as they are so tight, they cut off circulation. That and there's not enough room to bend and squat, which I do a lot at work. Time to make my own! I wanted black pants since I don't have any.

These pants fit really well in the thighs and my butt and hip area. So really all I need to fix is the lower legs. So I put on my pants inside out and pinned them. Yes I pinned them on myself. Then they were a bit too long when the cuffs were unpicked with my seam ripper. So off went the length.

So here is a trick when you are sewing black thread with black fabric... it was almost impossible to find where the thread was in order to properly fuse the good portion of the old seam with the new seam- that black thread with the denim weave is just impossible. So the trick is to use chalk- it makes the seam pop right out and poof easy to sew! So I sewed my seam and then cut off with my serger.
Yeah so new jeans, semi-skinny since I have room to move but they are good to tuck into a boot in the winter and fall.
Good length too!

Here's the recap...
The side by side comparison really shows how they changed. But an easy refashion. Hardest thing was pinning them!!


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Lovenicky said...

Great job! I like these easy refashions too! I agree that pinning on myself was quite hazardous! ;-)


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