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Monday, October 7, 2013

Iron Craft: Leopard halter dress (Black challenge)

Oh yeah. I totally went for it.... (now updated with the end pics)

Ok some of you may go what? with the fabric. But for some reason I just loved this fabric and it was next to nothing as it was a remnant fabric sale. And usually I am not a fan of green either. You all know I am a pink girl! But I decided to use it only as a part of a dress (and not an entire dress). So it is all good, I promise! I selected this pattern that I had in my stash that I have not tried yet. Used my standard size 12 (which is a 4-6 in regular clothing). I may have put on some weight in my mid section but I think it will work!

This pattern has multiple options. I selected the halter with ruffles, shorter skirt with no inserts. I also opted for the belt part. I was going to use the fabric for the halter and ruffles and also the belt. I just had enough fabric! Yay! 

The under stitching part on the halter was really hard. Otherwise, the pattern was super easy to sew.
I also cut off a few inches off the bottom. I thought it was too long.

Here is my finished dress!

Here it is without the belt.

I don't like it without a belt. It is too high for me.


Just Crafty Enough said...

That is a super hot dress. I like it without the belt though, actually I like it both ways, it is surprising how different it looks with or without it.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thanks Cat! yes it is very different one way versus the other. The belt is a pain to deal with though. It seems to move down while I wear it. Got to figure out a way to fix that.


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