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Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Concert Tee

I have had this shirt sadly done for a while I just keep forgetting to take a photo. This pattern was from a pattern parcel that I purchased last year. The pattern is from Dixie DIY.

I added a few inches to the bottom but I did in wrong in hindsight. I used this very thin almost tissue knit fabric. It was an easy sew- I sewed an XS b/c it appeared big from some of the reviews I have read. I am happy with the results of the pattern, the fabric on the other hand is really thin and grabs things. I have to wear a tank top underneath. I also didn't properly adjust the length addition- if you can see in the pictures, the side hem comes up high and then goes back down. It was worse and that was my fix. Guess pattern drafting is still something I need to learn. ;)

I would definitely do this pattern again with a heavier knit (and not tissue knit which didn't take well with the double needle). But easy sew!


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Lovenicky said...

The top looks good in the photo. It's good that you have made a muslin so that you can now go ahead and make lots of these in different fabrics!


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