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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Iron Craft 13- Home; DIY Glitter plant stakes

This iron craft challenge is home. Either something house shaped or for the home. I chose for the home. Lately I have gotten into gardening. I am trying to improve my home and prove that I my home is not a place where plants go to die. I have upcoming posts in June about my new little deck garden, because unlike anyone else I want my plants to sparkle! So what a great addition is some matching plant pot markers covered with glitter! Yeah! Because if worse came to worse, at least my dirt will look pretty. :)

They were super easy to make! First I used outdoor modpodge and covered the back and the chalk board around the edge.

Next add glitter and let dry. Pretty easy. I repeated this for a total of 2 times. Then to seal I covered the glitter with the outdoor modpodge.

Done! Here they are close up

Here it is in my green pepper pot. Which got upset from the bizarre freeze we had a little over a week ago! But I put it in a bigger pot and we are doing good!

Stay tuned for June for my Garden fit for a Diva where I will reveal my crafts with my sparkly plants! :)


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kat said...

It just goes to show everything is better with a little sparkle!


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