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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm serger ready!!!

Well yesterday I had my first lesson on sewing with a serger. For those of you who don't know what a serger is, a serger is basically a fancier sewing machine that will cut your material as it is sewing on a series of threads. Your fabric won't fray and the ends looks professional. I got my serger off craigslist. I have never used one nor did I know anyone who actually has one. I had some basic ideas of what i wanted in a serger and luckily an ad came up on craigslist for a Janome serger. I looked it up, the machine normally costs $500 and they wanted $160. I chewed the guy down to $140 and poof I had a serger! Its actually in great condition considering the guys wife only used it 5X!!! Sweetness.

But before I could sew I need lessons. I managed to get the machine threaded and snuck a quick sew. Awesomeness but i really didn't know how to use the machine. I needed lessons. Basic serging 101 was offered at "all about sewing" (see www.allaboutsewing.org) Again I was the youngest person in the class. And I was the only bellydancing scientist too. But I mentioned to my teacher how i was interested in sewing costumes. Luckily she had in the past sewed some gynastics uniforms for her son so she had a lot of advice to give me.

I got there and immediately my already threaded machine was dethreaded before I could blink my eyes. That little old lady was there and maybe she recognized me and immediately she started to talk her head off. She also kept showing me stuff, and i just thought maybe she's just this friendly to everyone. LOL I havve no idea! And i had to learn the proper way. Poo! And apparently I'm a retarded b/c i didn't bring a screwdriver or tweezers or a needle lasso like everyone else so i had to keep asking for help. LOL they just said bring your machine and 4 different colors of thread. But i mastered rethreading it and theory quickly and i was the first in my class to sew. Take that lady who's machine is idiot proof and threads itself! :p

I finished my class excited and on cloud 9. i can do a rolled hem now. sweetness.i got a needle lasso. and i go home pumped. i need to debulk my black skirt i have so much extra fabric in there. perfect time to test out my machine. with a few calcs i figure out how to debulk it. I took 20 inches off the waist! OMG and with in minutes the edges of the skirt look great. now i just need to fix the casing for the elastic band. and the skirt is officially done. now i'm jonesing for another project! LOL :)

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