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Monday, November 30, 2015

Asymmetrical Plaid Dress Refashion

Another refashion! Wahoo. Started off with this dress. It has an elastic waist which fit. But the top portion was a bit too big. But that hem!!! Whoever thought an asymetrical side hem was a good idea?? It cuts off your visual height and makes you look shorter.

It just sort of hangs there way too big in the top.
The back is not bad- it is cute with a little peak a boo opening. But the sides are a bit big.

So the plan... even out the bottom hem. Pretty easy.

Then to fix the bodice, I sort of couldn't figure out how to fix it because the way to do this was to rip out seams, but this bodice was lined. In non-sewing terms- a lot of work and I didn't even know what to do with it so I'd be doing work on something I didn't know how to fix. So this sat and sat. Then after trying this on and looking in a mirror, I was moving my hair out of the way and said hmm what if I added like a dart?? This lead me to folding the bodice and egad! this could seriously work. So I symmetrically folded in the dress, pinned, and then sewed down the fabric. OMG Love!

Here is the dress done! Yeah!

Again not a fan of taking after photos, hey messy hair and don't care. But what an improvement to this dress! Perfect for fall!



Claire said...

What a cute refashion! The blue is a great color on you. I've been doing refashions too this past month. Makes me feel less guilty about buying more fabric!!!

Catherine1216 said...

Much better. I like how this turned out.



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