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Monday, November 16, 2015

My Halloween Costume- Katy Perry

We decided for this Halloween we were going to go out and go to a party. I was going to wear my refashioned dress and go as Marie Antoinette. So I was good to go, and THEN>>>> yeah my boyfriend decided he wanted to the the left shark for Halloween and asked if I could go as Katy Perry. It took some convincing but I said ok. Then I looked for a costume, in the beginning/middle of October.... nothing was in stock and of course b/c I sew- I think it all looks horrible. So I then set out one weekend to put together a costume

After various google searched I found a few images of a costume I wanted to loosely base my costume on- i have seen various costume derivatives to buy that were also based on this costume too. So I was going to be all cupcakes and candy. Super girly and really exciting.

Either my options were to find a dress I could bling out or I would have to sew something. After spending a Sunday afternoon everywhere I found no starter dress. I did find a corset dress on Amazon that evening and had it shipped to home on a fast track. So I got my dress. Then I needed to find things to bling it. That required hitting the craft stores. I also searched at the stores that began to put out Christmas ornaments. If I could find sugar plums ornaments. OMG that was an exhausting weekend shopping. I don't want to go shopping anymore.

I scored big at Hancock Fabrics with buttons- cupcakes, cookies, and candy. I bought everything I could find. I then went to Joann and did the same. I also found this iron on glitter paper that I used to make glitter candy wrappers as well as circles which I would decorate as like candy/lollipops. I scored with iron patches of cupcakes which I blinged further with crystal fabric paint. I wanted to amp up this costume. At Michael's, I found felt cupcake stickers in various colors that came in a 20 pack. I bought then all. I found fun popsicle ornaments with glitter and sprinkles on it- yup bought them too!

I thought I had a good start with the amount of things to bling my dress. My biggest obstacle was that ice cream cone on the front. I had brown fabric and I cut a triangle. I did a criss-cross pattern with brown fabric paint to give it the waffle effect. It dried on a sheet a paper-which it fused to but I actually liked it b/c it reinforced it. I glued the seams together and now I need to make a scoop of ice cream.
Oh what to do... I had purple fabric to use. While staring at my table, I decided to clean some of my paper up and I crumbled it up. Before I tossed it into the trash I had a flash of brillance- LOL. I could use the crumbled paper for the ice cream scoop. I used batting to even it out and then I covered it with a piece of fabric. Hot glue and more hot glue shut. Poof! It worked. So I glued that to the dress, here is the first look on my white dress.

 I was playing around with what it would look like with some of my add-ons and I was getting a mental game plan in my head. The ice cream cone doesn't look half bad. But now it is time to add more bling! To do this and ensure that the dress doesn't shrink while glue was drying I had to wear the dress while gluing it on. I lined the bodice with towels (you can see one peaking out in this picture. And I started with some of the big things and move to smaller, making sure I space everything out. This actually went fast.

I decided the dress needed to be edged with something. But the pictures of Katy didn't show much. I had some pink ric-rak which reminded me of cake icing/frosting. I sewed that on next. Then for the skirt I ironed on the glitter paper sheets to the circle skirts. It really came along fast!! 

I then decorated the glitter pieces with my crystal fabric paint to look like candy. I had to do this in phases since the skirt folds and it would smear. Can't have that! Next, I added those felt cupcake stickers, which I hot glued on. Yeah filling up that skirt! 

But I thought I needed some more dimension and texture to the costume and a way to tie things together. So I added multi color rhinestones to the entire dress and I filled everything up. On yeah. But the one thing that just stuck out to me was the ice cream cone, I thought it was missing something. I decided I wanted to add another layer to the ice cream cone. I used pink sort of tulle, again just wadding up batting and glue, glue glue!

I then glued that on top. To put a cherry on top of the cone, I used a cat toy. Yes that red foil ball is a cat toy. But it is perfect b/c it is shiny and light. Poof we are done!!!! 

Close ups of the dress

Crazy huh?? But crazy good!! Here it is on!

This dress was so much fun to wear. I wore my pink ruffle shoes you see in the pictures here but I also wore pink knee high socks. I used candy necklaces for jewelry. 2 pink petticoats. And then a blue wig to top it off! I felt super girly and happy at the party. I even painted my nails with this sprinkle looking nailpolish.

Here's at the party. I fought the wig a lot and with my long hair it also pulled it back as well. And I was even wearing a wig cap. The blue hair is a little much LOL.
We were a hit at the party. Epic no? And how quickly I pulled this dress together was amazing as well. It is heavy. It is a corset, which helps support the weight but I couldn't eat much. And it just fit. I whipped this costume in less than a week- which was impressive. My boyfriend was impressed too. We felt like celebrities at the party- we took a lot of pictures and everyone screamed Katy and Left Shark! :)

So looking at the inspiration and what I created- I thought I did well!

I thought it was a Katy worthy dress! :) I had all intentions to sell this dress but I have some of a change of heart. We missed the costume contest but I think we would have won. The ice cream cone was not bad being attached to my dress. It was not bad at all. And it stayed on!

Told you my costume was epic!!



Doctor T Designs said...

That is so cute! I love it with the left shark - perfect!

Helena A. said...

I think Katy Perry would like your dress very much!!!
Very creative!!!
Beautiful and inspiring!!!
Kisses from Portugal!!!


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