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Monday, November 9, 2015

Blue plaid sheath dress refashion

When I found this dress, really there was nothing wrong with it. The fit was really good. The only issue was really, I have enough dresses and I won't really get any use out of this dress.

I will get more use out of it, if it was something else. Like a top. So I decided to turn it into a top with a slight peplum. I started off first with removing the back seam and separating the zipper as well. I want to keep the zipper intact. Then I found where I wanted the waist to be. Since the dress lined up really well, I followed it across the dress.

I cut off some of the fabric from the bottom. So the dress is is 3 pieces. I am going to use the very bottom. The middle I won't use at all.

I gathered the top of the fabric and then attached it to the bodice. Pretty easy. I serged to clean up the threads. After trying it on I realized that the dress tapered and I had to keep some of the back open. So I cut the zipper so you could not see.

Done! I threw on a pair of shorts, it is not really season to wear a tank top but this would be great for next spring. I like how I kept it long as I want longer tops for work.

Here's the recap! Even though  the starting dress was great, I would never wear it since I mostly wear pants for work.

BTW next week will be my Halloween costume. It is pretty epic and something I threw together very quickly. I have a lot of photos so this post will take me longer to write about it. :) So next Monday! Stay tuned.



Liochka said...

good job ! It's a nice top now !

Doctor T Designs said...

Cute refashion!


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