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Monday, February 22, 2016

Mesa Dress

I recently found another sewing magazine that I began to subscribe to... Yeah I know it is like I need another hole in my head but I have found myself getting slightly bored with Threads magazine, everything seems geared towards an older audience and I find myself uninspired by a lot of their articles. Meh. Seamwork is a digital sewing magazine that comes with 2 patterns a month, which now they give you 2 pattern credits so you can decide what you actually want as a pattern-I thought this was a cool new option.

Today is my first trial with one of their patterns. It is the Mesa dress. Says it is a 1 hour sew. Truly it is really easy. 


I did the pattern with a knit I got from Craftsy  that was a kit that I decided I didn't want to make a cardigan with it- I thought this would be an awesome fabric for a dress. The answer is yes, this fabric makes an awesome dress. I sewed this dress up super fast. And dang look at that shape it gives me (a waist and you can't see my stomach). Dang. Too bad it is too cold to wear it yet.

Here it is, and yes hello goofball. I hate taking end photos!

I probably need a tan, I am pretty light. Here is your dose of cat cuteness. Someone decided to crash the picture taking event and just sit and stare. So I was telling her I got your nose. She truly did freeze.
Seriously spring needs to get here (or temps over 30 degrees) where I can start wearing this.



crystal said...

Your version of mesa is great. love the fabric and the fit is spot on!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! It is a perfect fit and even hides my belly. The print is a bit camouflaged.


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