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Monday, February 8, 2016

Renefrew top

During the Black Friday Sale, I purchased several sewing kits from Craftsy. This was the Renefrew top, click here for the craftsy page.
Sewaholic Renfrew Long Sleeve Tee - Grey
It was such a great price and I liked the simple pattern. I selected the grey and white striped fabric.
It was an easy cut and a fast sew. I am getting very good at sewing knits and simple t-shirts that really everything just repeats itself. So I sewed up this top. It was really fast and easy.

And hey it looks like the picture from craftsy! The sleeves are long enough. It fits well, even if you see my fat! LOL
LOL some of the pics are funny I know. Didn't want to hide them. They are just TOO funny. I almost want to have a captioning contest. Cant you tell it has been awhile since I took photos (which I HATE doing).


1 comment:

Sarah Liz said...

Great and classic striped top - it looks great, Lauren, and the photos do too :)


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