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Monday, February 1, 2016

Lisse sweatshirt hoodie

Another sweatshirt try! Had more of that sweatshirt fabric. Actually,  I have a TON of it so expect more posts. Part of my winter break sewing, I tackled another project, this is from Terra's Treasures Designs. It is called the Lisse Cowl and hoodie.  I thought this pattern was different. I like different!

I chose the green fabric and tried it out. I opted for the hoodie. Now I will say that I screwed up where the holes go for the strings. So it doesn't work. I chose the long torso option but I wonder why there was not a average option. I almost would have chosen the average. There was only short and long options, which I find odd. The hoodie was a bit confusing but not bad. The cuffs have to be done in some knit and I had nothing that matched my sweatshirt material. I opted to just finish with a hem.  The overlapped front- I sewed that wrong in the first go through and I had to bust out the seam ripper.

Here is the sweatshirt in the end. It is very green. But overall I like the sweatshirt. I love this material b/c it is so warm. The fit is spot on.

Though, when I put the hood on, I sort of giggle. I feel like I look like an elf or a fairy. Nothing wrong with that but I didn't expect it. I think it is just the green color with the overall design. The hood is the icing on the cake. But in the end I will wear it b/c it is cold out, I hate winter and this will keep me warm. I do like the design, I would like to do it again.



Sonja Sheffield said...

That's very dressy for a sweatshirt! Love it!

Liochka said...

I love this sweet.


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