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Monday, February 15, 2016

Zslaya top with pink tigers

So remember that pattern parcel #6? So here is another pattern that I got from this pattern bundle.
I am now 5 out of 6! Money well spent. Next is the Zsalya pattern. It can either be a top or a dress. I chose top. I found this AWESOME pink tiger fabric from Craftsy that I just had to have. I mean the boyfriend and I are close to becoming the old cat lady and man (he LOVES cats). They are like our children. 

The fabric is from cotton and steel.OMG this is just took cute. Pink tigers.

I knew one night that the best pattern to sew is the Zsalya pattern. This pattern is a folkloric based top and I thought the quirkiness of the fabric would work with this pattern. So I whipped up this top. Now I will say one thing- this pattern there are 2 options to sew the top of the bodice to the lower bodice. The clean and the quick and dirty. I started first with the clean but that was so confusing. I tried. I recommend the quick and dirty. Just sew it like that. Some of the pattern was confusing to sew with the pictures in the instructions. They are also not numbered. That bothered me b/c sometimes I was not so intuitive.  Luckily I have a lot of experience.

Here is my top! I love it!!! Meow!

Not bad! And I love the end product. :) Pink tigers? I mean how can you say no? You just can't.


1 comment:

jennifer elliott said...

I couldn't say no to pink tigers either! I'm so jealous. :)


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