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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More baby bibs done!

Finally finished the last bit of bibs for my cousin Judy's upcoming baby shower. She is going to have baby boy #2 (Travis) so I thought I would make something from the heart. Not to mention I got good at sewing the bibs for Randy and Lori.

I tried a sports theme for a few. Not exactly excited about the design but all in all they turned out good. Simple. Nothing fancy.

Then I made matching ones for the brothers with more of the blue/white checkered fabric. I actually love the way these look.

Of course we went for the velcro option for the bibs.

All in all, not bad with how they turned out. :) Simple and ready to get food on them!

Fabric Points added: 10 for the bibs and + 5 for the burp cloths!==== + 15 wahoo! will update the number soon! Yeah baby!

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