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Monday, May 16, 2011

Laura Ashley Dress

This refashion solely came to be be reading another refashioners blog and seeing what she did. Once I read this, I instantly knew I had to do it to this dress. I was so stuck! Thank you so much for getting me unstuck with this garment.

First I want to give total props to Erica, since I followed exactly what she did. Here is her initial post on the refashion co-op blog here and here is her actual blog that gives a better detail. She does amazing refashions! :)

Oh yeah and I took the cat option for this refashion. Except my cat is all grey (and lurking in the background occasionally with laser eyes, she shows up in 3 pictures, can you find them??). You would understand if you read her blog. :)

First, the Laura Ashley fabric dress. Its not actually Laura Ashley but it reminded me of that. Usually I am not a fan. But again I was determined to make it pretty (just like the green monster).

What I first needed to do was cut off the bodice.

Then put the dress back on. Placing the slit down the center of my body. This is going to become the V-neck portion of the top.

Pull it up, now turning it inside out.

Pin at one shoulder (safety pin is awesome b/c you may have to readjust).

Pin at the other shoulder.

You are actually pinning in the slit of the dress and not at the bottom part of the garment. Also, my slit wasn't long enough to give me enough room so I had to take out the seam ripper and pull out some stitches to make the shirt work for me.

Next, sew along the top part (where your safety pins start to the end). And almost done.

Now I need a bottom. So I folded it up and created a casing for elastic. And added elastic. Close it up. Done!!

The end product...

This was easy peasy! I wish I had a larger skirt to get more room for my torso (so it would be more billowy) but for the easiness of this project I can not be happier! :)

Thank you so much Erica for inspiring me. :)


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