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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fabric Points Tally May

Just realized I have not kept track of my fabric points! So for my sake I need to update!

Last post was 28 but I have done more.

I got up to 35 with
+1 for giving fabric to laura when I gave her my sewing machine
+1 for giving Sonja fabric for her roman shade
+1 for the heart pin
+3 for the workboard projects (which I use all the time!)
+1 gold brocade skirt
=7 points :) so I got to 35.

Then What I forgot to add was
+2 for giving sonja fabric (2 different mint green/sage green)
+1 Laura fabric that was kid looking that just wouldn't work for me.
+ 15 for judy's bibs and burp cloths
+1 for the pink butterfly kimono shirt
= +19

Yeah!! So 35 + 19 = 54

It is almost the middle of the year and I am halfway done with my goal of a 100! So I am making good progress!

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