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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New and Imrpoved Blog!

So the adventures of Lauren needed a desperate face lift! When I started out blogging last year or so, I really didn't know much about blogging, pictures, links, etc. So we were basic at the most! Now that I have some blog time (150 posts in 2011!!) I thought it was time to upgrade some!

So if you haven't noticed I have....
  1. Changed the blog title. Now we have black and pink hearts. :) I love this!
  2. I also put little side buttons to access my different pages: refashions, sewing, crafts, bellydance costumes.
  3. Each page now is all organize with thumbnails and links (and current!) I did this by using linkytools. OMG it was so easy and now things look much better!!
I slowly chugged away at this but now it is all complete. Now to start blogging more! yay!!!


1 comment:

sew vala said...

Loving the make-over,


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