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Monday, July 13, 2015

Fun Summer Tee

More sewing! And other fabulous knit! Again on clearance from G street fabrics. The only issue with this fabric is it is sort of thin. I was worried about it being see through. So I added a layer of white knit underneath.

I follow the blog iCandy HandMade and I just love their one pattern that they offered for free. I used the Fun Summer Tee for this fabric. Super easy pattern and easy sew. Even with the 2 layers. The only issue was things were uneven so my shirt wound up with a shorter back. but still long enough for what I need and like. Especially with all the bending and squatting that I do. I got one sewing pic! Yeah!

Here's my new shirt! yeah!

The fabric is so soft. It is a little big but not too bad. I really want to make more! Love this shirt!

Follow up: The top was a little big on me esp in the mid-section. I decided to give it to my mom when she came to visit. It looks great on her! :)


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