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Friday, November 4, 2011

Milly- inspired black bow sequined cardigan

Alright I finished this cardigan back almost a month ago but just needed an end picture! Here is my black sequined bow cardigan!

My inspiration came from a Milly sweater cardigan. Of course I love all of her sweaters but they are completely out of my price range ($300 for a cardigan sweater!) This one was also a $300 cardigan.

I found my white cardigan at goodwill one day and I thought I would try to make something very much like this cardigan. It says it is an XL but I don't believe it!

Now I can not free hand a bow so I went online to clip art and found an image of a bow. Actually this part was hard, b/c there are a lot of ugly bows out there. Whew knew? I printed the image super big and held it up to my cardigan. I noticed the bow was not symmetrical so I cut it in half and then chose 1 of the sides as my template.

I buttoned the sweater and traced the bow with a disappearing fabric marker. I flipped over the template and repeated on the other side. Leaving the knot to span where the sides meet.

Next I just began to sequin along my traced line. I took my time with it since the outline needed to be perfect. And for some reason the knit kept grabbing my thread at various times so I had to make sure there were no stray threads-easier said than done.

Next I began from the bottom of the bow and worked my way up. One side at a time.

Now this cardigan is all white buttons. I thought about changing all the buttons to black but then got lazy (hey I just sequined my heart out!). And I thought if I incorporated more black with buttons I should add more black to the cardigan. It would be way to hard to replace the knit edges and I wanted it to flow. So I just changed the button where the bow meets to black. :)

picked a button


Here it is on!

It also looks lovely open too!

I just love the sparkle!

Actually this refashion was easy. The only thing I can say is the knit likes to grab the thread while you are sequining. I had a lot of 1 string pulls, which I normally don't have a problem with. I would fix them and they would still come back so I gathered it was the knit that kept grabbing it! GRRRR! I have worn this 3X now, every time I get a compliment on it, and asked where I got it from. I tell them old sweater + me sequining. Blows everyone away! :)



Trisha said...

It looks FANTASTIC! What a great refashion.

Penny-Rose said...

Love it - well done!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you Trisha and Penny-Rose! :)

Dibs said...

this is so pretty.

sew vala said...

The bow really makes the frill colar stand out. I didn't notice the cute colar in the before picture. Fab work.

black cardigan said...

Great refashion, love it.


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