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Monday, July 6, 2015

Birds of a feather... dress refashion

I know another Monday post. ;0) I sort of have it together (not really just still catching up slowly). I saw this feather dress and had to have!! Turns out it is home sew- no tag on the dress and I could see the notches from the pattern. But the fabric was a poly knit with those bad neck ties! Blah!

It was just a hair too long but the fit was pretty good overall. And I didn't like the sleeves.

The problem with selecting fabric with such a large patterns such as this feather pattern is you have to pick out the right pattern b/c you will look the feathers and then it just sort of gets lost. Also, the poor hem was blind hemmed. You can't do that on a knit fabric. Or else you get this.

The struggle with this knit is real. I almost felt sorry the hem.

Otherwise the dress doesn't fit bad- it has a back zipper so that is a plus. I disliked the sleeves and the neck tie. Both of those came off.

Then right under the arms holes was a bit too big. I fitted that.Sew a hem on the armhole.

Take of the poor blind hem. Make my own hem. Again, got to love the double needle.
Done! Love my feather dress.

Here's the recap. It feels good to sew!


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Liochka said...

More wearable like that for a beautifull young woman !


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