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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cream dress refashion

When I purchased this dress, I actually thought I was not going to refashion it. The color blocking was nice. In my mind I thought it would work but that changed when I put it on.

Something just seemed odd and wrong about it. The length was not right, I figured if cut off the colors on the bottom maybe that would make the dress “work”.

Off came the bottom. I just used my seam ripper, to remove the grey and the pink mauve blocks. I hemmed the bottom with a baby hem. And put it back on. Now the dress was too bland for my taste.

HMMMMM what to do, what to do??

I looked in my stash of items (which I am trying my hardest to shrink!) and found these nice paisley iron-ons and some ribbon with paisleys. I decided to iron the paisleys on the collar to give it some flavor. Then I added the ribbon to edge the dress on the bottom. Lastly, I used the remaining ribbon leftover to make a belt and tie it all together.

Here is what I have for a dress. Much nicer and pulled together with an appropriate length.



Beth Huntington said...

Oh yes, this looks so nice now! Great job!

sew vala said...

Makes me think of a Greek Goddess, Just love it.


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