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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Velour top refashion, #17

First I started with this plain grayish but kind of black top. It is semi-shiny. Truly I have no idea why I got it other than I paid next to nothing for it.

Now brainstorming what I was going to turn it into, of course cardigan came to mind. But it was just sort of meh.... I have a lot of cardigans. I wanted to do something just a hint different then the standard "let's take it in." One day while at the cafeteria, I saw a girl who had a cool shirt on where it looked as if the neckline had simply been buttoned across the top and the rest sort of hung. Not trying to be creepy, I didn't get a picture. But I decided that is what I wanted to do with this top. I simply folded over the neckline and pinned it. And very, very careful removed it from my head-easier said than done! I sewed down (see the arrow- it is subtle).  

 I then took in the shirt and tried to rebalance the front. I also took off some from the sleeves. :) Done

Recap.. a new warm (b/c the polar vortex isn't going away any time soon over here!) top with something different for a neckline. Something different.

(82 more refashions to go.....)


mollie.dirig said...

You look really cute!! Would it be possible to get a closer / angled photo of the neckline? I know it's hard to photograph black.. Thanks!

Lovely Light said...

I really like that idea!


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