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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pink ruffled tank top

For the iron craft #30 challenge heat, I expanded on the topic. So I made something to beat the heat- adorning a tank top. Going through my clothing/fabric stash I came across 2 matching pink tops. One is a tank op and the other is a short-sleeved shirt. The exact same color. The tank is boring and I have plenty of other tanks and the short-sleeved is just big and boxy looking. No shape.

So I decided to make a ruffle tank top using the shirt as the ruffles onto the tank.
First, I cut off the bottom hem of the shirt.Next, using my rotary cutter still I cut 2.5 inch strips across the top. Also cut off the side seam. I figured out which way the knit folded b/c i wanted it to roll down towards the shirt. Additionally I attached 2 strips together in order to complete 1 ruffle across.

Next, I was ready to start ruffling. I attempted to use my gathering foot but it doesn't like the tshirt material. I just went the old fashioned way- long stitch with a 1 on my tension. Pull, pull, pull. Poof ruffles!

Next, add to the tank. But...... was I was not going to have enough fabric to cover the tank top. FAIL!!! So I went to my stash of fabric (to the stash!). I found this pink ribbed knit fabric that would work with this project. And so I cut more strips, ruffled, etc. Now I would have enough fabric to cover!

The top of the tank top I wanted to use needed something on the neckline so I used the last part of the shirt to make a large ruffle. I think it may have been around 5 inches. I was not a fan but I wanted the shirt to take shape first and then I could figure out what I need to do.

I started at the top of the shirt which may not have the best way to start sewing but I wanted to make sure I was going to have enough. I did not want to run out when i got to the top of the shirt. Sew, sew, sew. Since the fabric was a thick knit and ruffled, to save my machine I went with a heavy duty needle and a long straight stitch (on normal tension). I will say it sewed through the ruffles like butter!

I alternated between colors so I had a 2 tone pink top. The weight of the ruffles also pulled the tank top down, but I liked that b/c it was no longer so tight. And the shirt was starting to take shape. LOVE IT!

Now the top part was not looking so hot, I felt it looked off. I had 1 more shirt ruffle and 1 more knit ruffle left so I sewed underneath the top ruffle. I addtionally cut off probably 2 or so inches since it was so big. Finally, it was starting to come together!

Finally, I did not want my stitches to be seen on the top of the tank top. I had some beads in my stash and I sewed them to the top of the tank top, covering up my stitches. Done!

We are ready to sport some ruffles. :) yay!



kat said...

Very clever redo!

Michelle said...

Totally fun ruffles! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! I love ruffles!

Anonymous said...

You do some really cleaver and beautiful redos. I love the two colors of pink. It makes the ruffles stand out more. Great top!


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