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Monday, February 11, 2013

Iron Craft '13 #3: Hearts and Flowers

This new Iron Craft Challenge was hearts and flowers in lieu of Valentines Day! Yay I was so waiting for this challenge b/c I had these felt hearts my mother gave me out of her craft stash. (thanks mom!) So I had to come up with something with them.

There were a total of 3 and I wanted to do something with them but didn't like how they were see-through. But I got an idea

First I applied glue to one side of the ornament. Then glued on to white felt. Let dry!

Cut away the felt from the ends. Now I wasn't done here. I thought it would be fun to use some of my bead stash and add shiny things to the background of the design. 

Enter my bead stash (1 box of many-sigh). I picked pink, turquoise, and and orange AB beads. 

I selected thread that matched the color of each particular bead. This was for pink. I used a fine needle to bead and of course the miracle cream to prevent thread from tangling- thread heaven! 

I used a double thickness of the thread and simply start beading. I would bead in rows and tack down between beads. 

Here they are done!

Next I wanted to hang them up so I found some old (and I mean old!) thread and used a thicker needle and threaded a small loop in the part of the ornament.

I am in love with how these turned out! My favorite is actually the turquoise! 

Totally Can't wait for the next challenge! Giddy!!! 



Falafel and the Bee said...

I love turquoise and red too!
Fabulous idea. I love that you added such wonderful beading details.

kat said...

Oh my gosh, you sewed all those bead down! You are a better woman than me, it would have been all about the glue at my house ;)

Sarah said...

Those are gorgeous! (I would have glued them, too.) What a lovely idea.

Jinxy said...

I used the same hearts in my Iron Craft and love this idea!


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