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Monday, January 4, 2016

Good idea- getting organized with sewing

I have enjoyed my Christmas vacation, the weather has been a little nutty- from warm to cold now. During my few days off, we went through our place and I have been on a purging of things in my life. This recent one was big as we donated 5 very large bags of things to Goodwill. Ahh it felt good and freeing. Besides going through my things, I also reorganized many of my things and essentially reorganizing my life.

As you can notice, the blog was updated. I also finally got all of my pattern that I have sewn on patternreview.com. 59... yes 59! Wow. It took some time but I was focused to get it done. Now, I just need to keep up while I blog. That is doable.

I went through some fabric and cleaned up my room (aka my studio). I cut several patterns and even sewed. I have done 2 sweatshirts, 1 mens shirt, track pants, a tunic, 2 refashions, and another top. A total of 8 things! Yeah! And I have a cape, pjs, and 2 tops cut and just to be sewn. I will work on that as I go. So finally productive- it felt so good to sew. So good.

I have begun to steer away from commercial patterns and gone towards independent pattern makers. Many of them have patterns that are digital. And I forget what I have. Just forget- it is embarrassing. And I don't like it when things go to waste. So I had a great idea to pull it all together- I needed some sort of pattern library. But I don't want anything fancy just functional- her comes microsoft powerpoint. I created a powerpoint presentation that I could print out and also view while on my computer. I printed them out and put them in a cute (pink) sparkly thin binder. I will not loose this binder, because seriously it is pink and full of glitter. Here is what it all looks like!

I have begun to write some notes on them as well. This has been so hopeful because sometimes at the end of the day I am tired and my brain hurts,  I just like to look at the patterns. It brings me some sort of happiness. I think of all the fabric I have and what I can create.

Now for a second I thought, oh I should do this for my paper patterns. and then reality hit and I was like um no. A big fat no. So I won't be that ambitious. I should probably get rid of some but some are vintage and I just can't do it. The struggle is real.

Even though I have sewn a bunch, I need to take after photos. And edit and write. On the last few days of my vacation, I have really dedicated myself to not be in front of a computer, I mean once work starts up I'm in front of a computer. I needed a digital break. But expect some more consistent posts coming up soon. I will stick to one post a week. Bonus will be something like a recipe or something like that. I always try to get a leg up b/c something in life takes my time and I can't sew (like this past November/December writing a review!). But yay for sewing. Boo for reality this morning!


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Sonja Sheffield said...

Love it! ! What a great idea!


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