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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fixing up my grandmother's robe

I have not done many refashions. I am fighting quite the battle in my sewing studio's closet and I have been focusing more on sewing that fabric lump/hump. But since it is cold out, I could really use everything and anything to stay warm. This week, I will give a bonus post and that is this robe!

This is my grandmother's robe. She recently had to move into a group home with supervised care and my family went through her house. I have gotten some fabulous things from her. Soon to be a sewing machine, yeah!! This robe is sooooo old. Very retro and vintage. I have no recollections of her wearing this robe so I am guessing that it is SOOOOOOO old.  Just wow.

It needs some help. But inside it is quilted, which means warm.

Another issue is the lace is stained. And I used all of my restoration tricks to fix and these stains never came out. Interesting. So off goes the lace!

I sewed it all back together b/c the lace was between the robe and the facing. There were some other issues I had to fix- buttons, etc.
Those got all fixed. Now I can wear the robe! It is still groovy and very flower power but I don't care. I feel as if now my grandmother is here with me even though she is thousands of miles away. And taking off the lace changes the feel of the robe.Here's the recap.
Here's to keeping it in the family!

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Xavi said...

Wonderful, I've just dicovered your blog. This dressing gown looks so nice on you...
Greetings from a quilted robe lover!!


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