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Monday, January 25, 2016

Jasper sweatshirt by Paprika patterns

It is cold. Like really cold. Wow. I need to stay warm. Part of my Christmas/birthday present was sweatshirt material. I got several colors at such a great price that I could not pass up. I have red, coral, purple and green. Thought I would change up my sweatshirts since they all tend to be grey and more grey.

I fell for the Jasper pattern a while now and have been wanting to do it. Then one day there was a pattern bundle sale and this was one of them. I grabbed the bundle and could not wait to sew it.
Jasper Sweater/Dress View A

I did not want the dress but the sweater. I also decided to not add fake, non-purpose buttons to the sweatshirt since I just thought it would be a magnet for my long hair and the tangles would suck. I went with my red fabric first.

So the welt pockets, which I have never done before, where like woah... seriously. I was so confused by the instructions. I highly recommend going to the website to see further instruction. I would not have made it through the pockets, which were like step 1 (ok maybe 2 but early in the pattern). I could not have sewn it without those added blog spots. The hood was a bit tricky at one part. So I had a LOT of frustration while sewing this hoodie. Luckily I really like it at the end. But good riddance to you welt pockets! Good riddance!  Here is my hoodie!

The fit is great!
Really happy with the end. And this is really warm too! Something I really need for the winter. Which winter, meh, we are not friends. However, winter you let me sew more!



SewCraftyChemist said...

Glad you made it through because it looks really cute on you!

Doctor T Designs said...

Super cute! The fit is great.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you both! I am really happy with the end as well. But right out of the bat- I had those welt pockets! Whew!


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