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Monday, January 18, 2016

True Bias Hudson Pants

OK I finally got a day with SOME light. Keyword SUM. Wow the weekends have been kind of dark, not a lot of sun and light. It has been rough, yesterday we had some light and we also had some snow! I got a few pictures. It feels like it has been forever since I took photographs. And I just feel goofy. Plain ol' goofy. Sigh.

I did some sewing on my Christmas break. Now finally get some pictures and here come some blog posts! Yay!

First is the True Bias pattern- the hudson pant. They are supposed to be like a pair of sporty, track pants. I purchased it in a pattern parcel, actually pattern parcel #6
This was such a wonderful parcel b/c I have done the Syrah maxi skirt, the bronte top, the Julia cardigan. Today I did the pants and I have actually done the Zsalya dress/top. So 5 out of 6. The only one I have not done is the unlocked bonus dress pattern. Definitely got my money's worth out of this parcel. :)

So I made the pants and I totally messed up on trying to get the pattern to match from the front to back. Oh well. The pattern is for someone who is 5'6" so I added 2 inches to the length. I am glad I did. I screwed up the buttonholes with the ties and I didn't do the tiered sewing of the belt. I left as is. I am overall very happy with the pants. I am really happy I went with black accents to compliment the pattern. The fabric is so soft- I actually purchased it from another person of the Knitfix group.

Without heals..

With heals..

Overall they are great pants. They are comfy and the fit is spot on. Just like the picture. But for some reason I feel like they look like PJ pants. Cute PJs, but PJs. I don't know if I could wear them out yet. The debate is still out. I go back and forth. For right now, I am wearing them chilling in the house being super comfy.


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Doctor T Designs said...

You could totally wear them out! They look awesome with the black heels and top, and I bet they'd also look great with a pair of sandals when it gets warmer out.


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