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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Vogue pattern review

Normally I have a hard time wanting to buy patterns from Vogue. To me a year ago, many of the patterns just felt dated and something I would never wear. Maybe every now and then I would find one potential pattern I would consider sewing, but it was wearing it that I had a hard time figuring out.

I have really started to sew like a crazy woman last year. I love it but I still want and need to learn how to sew patterns etc. I really want to find more things that are cute and different and maybe not something my mom might wear. Which there is nothing wrong with that but... I want to feel young.

I noticed the winter collection began to grab my eye and I think they really grabbed my eye. Now it is time for the spring patterns, I was eager to see what they came up with this time!

I want to say I fell in love with these patterns!
V1286 by Tracy Reese

I love this take on a halter dress. I instantly wanted to make this dress!

V1289 by Pamella Roland
V-neck dress with different shoulders.

Want to make this dress. I would love to bead and embellish the spaghetti strap side. I seriously can't wait to make it. As an embellisher this dress is a dream!

Also even tho this pattern is kind of seen it, I really thought this could have a lot of options with playing with colors and patterns.
V1291 by Sandra Betzina

with an option

I wanted to like this dress but in reality if it wasn't sequins it probably wouldn't look right with most fabrics. And I think it is hard shape to pull off too.

I hate this! Hate! I mean its like a a large sweatshirt with matching skirt. Maybe if it wasn't made out of sweat material this could have potential. But I mean why vogue, why??

So nice Vogue. I look forward to your summer collection and sewing some of your new patterns! Well at least once I get through the next few weeks with work! :)


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