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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Golden Girl Sweater Refashion

Well this post is a little old but finally I found my camera and took the end picture! I am finally able to play a little catch up. Life has been hectic and busy and unfortunately I have had to put my creative endeavors to the side, which I don’t mind b/c I know I will return to them soon! Actually very soon yay!

I started out with this large oversize gold 80s sweater. I thought that maybe it would make a sweet sweater dress but realized it was too short.

So what is wrong with it…. Oh so much. It needs a lot of toning down. The gold color would be fine if this sweater got tamed. The cowl neck color was hideous and definitely needed to go. And same taking in would do this sweater good.

First I removed the collar. Maybe I can turn it into something, I’ll have to think about that. I left a little bit of overhang so I could fold it over and sew down. I tacked it down by hand. Honestly, it took no time. Had I done it by machine I was afraid of the pulling with the feed dogs and it was warp the neckline.

Then using my wonderful dress form, I pinned to take it and sewed down!

I did not do anything elaborate with the sleeves. I sort of left the big. Most of the time I roll up my sleeves b/c it gets in my way while I work, etc. But I did pull some of the sweater off the bottom.

The simple end product…

This would look great under my suit for when I am in Chicago to attend a meeting. Unfortunately, Chicago’s heat wave is gone and now its like high in the 50s-60s. So I will need some warmer clothes.

Here’s to me enjoying my time with my sewing machine!



Anonymous said...

Great job!!! Pretty transformation.
Use the leftover cowl to make a gift bag or gift card holders for Christmas. I usually do that with this shiny sweaters, but now you have inspired me to refashion to actually wear.

Miss Marah said...

What a great refashion! I love that you left the sleeves bigger it really makes it look extra nice and less 80's dressy :)
Bonnie Ms


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