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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paisley Cord pants to skirt, #84

Found these fabulous pants made from corduroy, that I scored at the by-the-pound thrift shop. They were from Talbots! But obviously, they were not going to work as pants- too big and too short! Too many toos!!

Time to convert it to a skirt. So undid the center leg seams. Fold having the inseams together. Cut off some of the length.

While starting the the waistline, sew out the inseams creating a skirt. 
Then with a simple hem this skirt was done! I LOVE this skirt! It fits soo well and it is warm! 

Recap. I think that this fabric makes for a skirt. And hey it has pockets! Yay!



Claudia said...

I´m amazed. So easy? Nice Skirt!
Greetings Claudia

La La Lauren!!! said...

Yup it was really that easy! And the outcome was fabulous!!


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