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Monday, November 3, 2014

The blue dress from Iran, #83

This project has been in my closet now for longer than 2 years. It is sooo sad to say. Also this post was also in my blog drafts for a long time as well. These beginning photos are still from Alabama. But now I finally got it refashioned. Glad I did.

So I actually don't have any photos of this 2 piece outfit on. But it was a nice top that fit relatively well but then it had this horrible sack of a skirt to wear underneath that you tied with a ribbon. Yes really. But the embroidery is gorgeous!

The Gold was too much. I don't like bright gold and it was tacky. So I thought I would dye the dress hoping the gold would tone down into some other color. I used my blue iDYE b/c it is good for synthetic dying, crossed my fingers and hoped it would tone it down. 

Since the dye is for synthetics, it did not change the color of the cotton fabric. 

It did tone down the gold! It was a blueish green now in color. Oh I was so happy. 

We still had a long way to go to fix this. I originally wanted a dress but that probably would not get a lot of use. So I went for a tunic top. First, I cut off the bottom embroidery from the top and then cut off the skirt right below the pockets. 
I then connected the 2 together and made a small casing with some elastic to take it in some at the waist. Here is the new top. 

I have already worn it to work with some nice pants and got a ton of compliments with it. I was just too lazy to take a picture. Here is the recap.


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Francine Johnson McGee said...

I just LOVE this refashion!! It's amazing what a difference tonining that gold down made!! I just LOVE the tunic! Just found your blog from the refashion coop. Love it!


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