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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kristina's Dress Challenge, #86

I went on a group thrifting trip (more info coming on this!) and at the very end, my friend Kristina said alright I challenge someone to fix this dress. Challenge accepted. So let's check out this dress.
Well it is big and has an elastic waist.

A lovely metal embellished collar

and a peak-a-boo faux middle placket. This was built in. 

First, I dyed the fabric with pink iDye to change it up. What I got was a purple color with bright pink accents. It was almost like magenta. Interesting. (sorry no pics).

I cut the top from the bottom. Out came the elastic. 

I used this pattern from simplicity 1693, and changed the sleeves to the longer sleeve option. 

The skirt itself had a lot of fabric, even for long sleeves! 
It was an easy sew. I tried to keep the collar but it didn't work. The metal had chewed up the fabric. :( I really wanted to keep the collar part. Instead, I left it as is. Here is my new shirt. :)

Here is the recap. The change in color is subtle but nice. It is an easy blouse for work. :)



Sonja Sheffield said...

Wow! What a change!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! Actually I wore it with some pants and Calvin thought I looked cute. ;)

amy beliveau-baumer said...

Very nice! It went from Amish to cute Miss.


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